Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Top Handsets for September

Pay monthly Handsets:

1. LG Secret KF750
2. Samsung Tocco F480
3. Nokia 6500 Black

Pay as you go Handsets:

1. LG KS 360 Pink
2. LG KS 360 Blue
3. Nokia 1208

Top 3 pay monthly packages:

1. Dolphin 25 – 18 Months
2. Dolphin 35 – 18 Months
3. Dolphin 15 – 24 Months

Top 3 pay as you go packages:

1. Dolphin
2. Canary
3. Racoon

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Pink LG KS360 (Etna)

The pink version of the LG KS360 is exclusive to Orange. It has a full keyboard which is hidden away inside the phone and can be accessed by sliding front to the side. The full keyboard makes it ideal for messaging and the phone is set-up to allow you to send text messages, instant messages, emails, and access social networking sites. This phone will be retailing at £79.99 in October, 2008.

Available with:

Camel Pay as you Go : Call more than 50 countries from 5p per minute - Click here.
Racoon Pay as you Go : 15p calls to any network at any time - Click here.
Canary Pay as you Go : Free evening and weekend minutes to any network every month - Click here.
Dolphin Pay as you Go : Unlimited free texts to any network and mobile access to Facebook, Bebo and MySpace - Click here.

Free Sky Sports 24/7

Orange is offering Free Sky Sports 24/7 until the end of November, 2008. This is for new and upgrading customers who take out a 18 month contract with line rental at least £35.00 per month. This service usually costs £5.00 per month and can be added if you are not eligible for the free service at full price through the Orange World portal.

Click here.

£5.00 Line Rental Discount

Orange is currently (2008, October 7th) offering a £5.00 discount for all customers who take out their 18 or 24 month contract online.

More details here.